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About Us

Citri is a family-based business located in Santa Rosa, California – the heart of Sonoma County wine country. All of our products are produced in small batches immediately after your order is received and shipped while fresh. Our ‘Just In Time’ production allows for:

  • Vitamin C to provide maximum benefit before oxidation/browning begins
  • Our products to provide optimal benefits of freshness

We use only fresh ingredients and we use organic whenever available. You will find no parabens, artificial fragrances or colors added to any Citri California products. We never test on animals. Our business strategy is to provide our products directly to our consumers, allowing us to eliminate retail markup.

Our Founders

Kathleen Smith

Kathleen Smith

Several years ago, Kathleen started making her own cosmetics because she was unable to find freshly made skincare on the market that did not have toxic ingredients. After a while friends and family started requesting the products and Citri California was created.

Kathleen brings 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research and development including dermatologic drugs and cosmetics. She creates our formulations and new product development and drives the quality of the Citri California products. Kathleen coordinates with our vendors for ‘just in time’ supplies for manufacturing to ensure the freshest products being delivered to our consumer base. She is passionate about providing a new model of small batch artisanal fresh skin care directly to clients that is free of parabens, contains only fresh ingredients and never tested on animals.

Kathleen has a degree in Health Sciences from the University of Utah and a Master’s in Business Administration from Colorado State University.

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall

Jeff provides a unique set of qualifications to Citri California by providing world-class customer service while maintaining a family-like environment for our customers.

He brings over 40 years of marketing, business development and management expertise to Citri with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, International Data Corporation and Macy’s.

Jeff also brings over 20 years’ experience in retail management. Mr. Hall also owns a management consulting company where he specializes in helping wineries grow their Direct to Consumer business.

At Citri he is responsible for marketing, relationship management, technology while driving revenue growth. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.