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Citri Artisanal Skincare Is Guaranteed Fresh to Your Doorstep on Your Schedule.

We craft our artisanal skincare line in small batches in Santa Rosa, California, the heart of wine country. No middle man, no sitting on shelves, always fresh to nurture your true beauty within! Citri California products are not mass distributed and are only available in limited quantities.

“It’s time to do something for yourself without having to think about doing something for yourself.”

“I love that the products are all-natural. I never realized how many chemicals my previous products contained."

- Megan T.
Dallas, TX

"These products made a huge difference in my skin and it looks better than ever."

- Nikki G.
Novato, CA

"I've been an Aesthetician for over 18 years. I carry over 7 different upscale product lines and Citri California is by far the best line I've ever worked with."

- Julie P.
Santa Rosa, CA

"I struggle with adult acne so I was very skeptical about switching products. Citri has done wonders for my skin! I no longer break out and quit wearing makeup completely! I have my confidence back!"

- Ashley I.
Salt Lake City, UT

"I no longer worry about reactions to preservatives or additives in skin care products. My dermatologist says my skin looks great and even better - I look younger than my age! "

- Ronnie R.
Santa Rosa, CA

About Us

  • Citri California is a family-based business located in Santa Rosa, California – the heart of Sonoma County wine country
  • All of our products are produced in small batches every Monday and shipped straight to your door for optimal freshness
  • We use only fresh ingredients and we use organic whenever available
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  • Choose your own shipping schedule and receive a fresh supply every 4, 5, or 6 weeks
  • Small, high-quality batches are created one at a time to give you the freshest possible products
  • All products are packaged as one month’s supply. Simply discard any remaining product when you receive the next month’s shipment
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  • Humans lack the ability to make Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C that is orally ingested may not reach the skin - the most effective way of replenishing the skin with Vitamin C is to apply it topically to the skin
  • Combine products for a personalized beauty regimen that suits your skin type
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